by Piotr Górka

A lonely Hawcer Hurricane Mk I of 151 Squadron.........


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Flying Officer  JERZY SOLAK  CV DFC


Overall print size: 33 3/4" wide 26" high     86 x 66 cm

Image size:   29" wide 20" high     74 x 51 cm

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      During the Battle of Britain I fought with 151 Squadron. We flew Hurricanes, very kindly machines. That painting of yours, "Shears" shows a high altitude action. We seldom fought at such altitudes, nevertheless I remember on several occasions we did. Head-on attack was a very effective tactics in the face of enemy superiority. You have shown such a situation very well. When I look at it, the old days come back to me. It will be a pleasure to meet you to offer my signatures that you have asked me for...

P/O Jerzy Solak

151 Squadron RAF during Battle of Britain.

         151 Squadron was one of the units wich received a large number of Polish pilots. On 8 August P/O Mieczyslaw Rozwadowski and P/O Tadeusz Wilhelm Kawalecki had arrived at North Weald. By the end of August this unit was also joined by P/O Franciszek Surma, P/O Jerzy Solak, P/O Wilhelm Szafraniec, P/O Gustaw Radwanski, Sgt Feliks Gmur and P/O Franciszek Czajkowski.

P/O Franciszek Czajkowski

Sgt Feliks Gmur

P/O Gustaw Radwanski

P/O Jerzy Solak

P/O Mieczyslaw Rozwadowski

P/O Franciszek Surma

P/O Wilhelm Szafraniec

P/O Tadeusz Wilhelm Kawalecki


15 August 1940

The Operations Record Book of 151 Squadron mentions a success and a loss of one Polish pilot during this day:

               “Today the Squadron had a busy day. At 14.45 hours the squadron took off from Rochford and ran into a formation of Me 109’s a few miles West of Dover. P/O Debenham followed one Me 109 and it crashed in France, P/O Ellacombe and P/O Rozwadowski (Polish) both shot one down, P/O Ellacombe’s in flames and the other into the sea. F/O Milne also succeeded in bringing one down. Shortly afterwards about 50 Do 215’s and Me 110’s escored by Me 109’s in large numbers made their apperance. F/O Blair and P/O Smith made one attack on the bombers but were unsuccessful owing to the unwelcame attention of the 109’s. There were no casulties but P/O Debenham’s aircraft was shot up a bit. At 6.45 pm the squadron again took off to intercept aircraft West of Dover. A large force of Me 109’s were again encountered. In this action we faired badly, P/O Johnson, Sub/Lt Beggs, P/O Ellacombe and P/O Rozwadowski being shot down. P/O Johnson was later picked up in the sea but he was dead. Sub/Lt Beggs and P/O Ellacombe are in hospital but are not seriously injured. P/O Rozwadowski is at the moment missing, S/Ldr Gordon was peppered with shrapnel from a cannon shell and was slightly wounded in the  back of the head and leg. He is however, quite O.K. P/O Smith is certain he got a 109 as it was spinning at something over 400 mph at about 5000’ when he broke off the engagement, having run out of ammunition”

The losses to 151 Squadron taking part in this engagement were as follows:

S/Ldr Gordon                             P3940

F/O Blair                                    P3309

P/O Smith                                  V7411

S/Lt Beggs                                 P3065

P/O Rozwadowski (Polish)          V7410

P/O Ellacombe                            L1975

P/O Johnson                               P3941

31 August 1940

The Operations Record Book of 151 Squadron mentions a success and a loss of one Polish pilot during this day:

One of the raids on last day of August  was encoutered by Hurricane of 151 Squadron. They flew in a formation of eight aircraft that day:

F/O Blair                                    P3183

P/O Smith                                  V7384

P/O Ellacombe                            P2826

P/O Surma (Polish)                     P3739

P/O Patullo                                 V6537

Sgt McIntosh                              R4185

P/O Czajkowski (Polish)              P3301

F/Lt Smith                                  V7630

             The success of 151 Squadron in this combat was paid for by the loss of two Hurricanes and two pilots sent to hospital with wounds. One on them was P/O Franciszek Czajkowski, who described his combat with a Bf 109 in this laconoc report written in St Luke's hospital at Bradford:

            "Took off from Stapleford about 10.00. First attack in formation, no serious damage observed. Intercepted by escort 109's. dog fight ensued  with one. Fired 4 sec. burst at 300 yds. closed to 150 yds, fired 6 sec. burs, large volumes of black smoke poured engine, 109 dived and I followed, fiting a 2 sec burst at 150 yds, more smoke and 109 went into a spin. I turned left to avoid a 109 on my tail, but was attacked from the front. I fired at him but only  1 sec. ammunition left. At this moment I was hit by cannon shot in the right wing, engine and cocpit, and was wunded. I turned towards the land five miles away. The engine was only running irregularly and oil fumes pured into the  cocpit. I force landed above five miles North of Shoeburyness with a dead engine and wheels up. The hydraulics had failed. I was lifted from my machine by a civilian, and a soldier was left guarding the machine"

After his crash landing at Foulness, his Hurricane P3301 was written-off. The Polish pilot, with a Bf 109 claimed as probable, was sent to a hospital at Shoeburyness. Doctors treated bullet wounds in his right shoulder and arm, bullets in both feet, shrapnel in feet and legs, and cuts to his nose and evebrows. For P/O Czajkowski the Battle of Britain had coded. Unfortunately his medical treatment and convalescence lasted a long time, and tradically, he was latter killed in a hospital at Torquay when it was hit by German bombs on 25 October 1941.


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