by Piotr Górka

Curtiss P-40 of the Flying Tigers pilotet by Polish aces W/Cdr Witold Urbanowicz China 1943.


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      Althought Poles had fought againts germany and italy on virtually every front in Europe and the Mediterranean, the  third Axis power recceived significantly less attantion. In fact only one representative of the Polish nation actually took part againts japan! From June 1942 Maj Witold Urbanowicz had performed the role of assistant air attache at the Polish Embassy in Washington. There, he met Col Cooper, who had founded the ‘Kosciuszko’ Squadron and whom he had already met in Britain in 1940. Cooper had also helped organise the American Volunteer group (AVG) in China - the ‘Flying Tigers” - and he introduced Urbanowicz to its commanding officer, Gen claire Chennault. The Pole expressed his interest in flying with the AVG to the general, and in late 1943 he was posted in China - officially to gain operational experience in air support of ground operations. Initially, he flew with the 16th FS at Chengkung and the 74th FS at Kunming, then during November/December 1943, he completed a dozen missions (some 26 hours of flying hours) with the 75th FS at Hengyang. On 11 January 1944 Maj-Gen Chennault awarded an Air Medal to Urbanowicz, the award’s accompanying orders giving a brief description of the latter’s activities in China; 'major Urbanowicz distinguished himself by meritorious achievement in arial fighting during his voluntary service with squadrons of the United States Army Air Forces in China from 23 October 1943 to 15 December 1943. During this period he participated as a pilot of fighter aircraft in low level strafing,bombing and escort missions involving approximately thirty four hours of combat flying. The majority of his missions were flown in support of Chines ground forces when those forces were hard pressed by the Japanese in the Tungting lake area. On December 11. 1943 he engaged in an attack on a Japaneses formation returning to its base and, in the ensuing air battle, brought down two enemy fighter planes. Throughout his combat service he displayed courage and fighting skill in the face of the enemy. His actions reflected credit on his personal record as well  as that of the Polish and United States Armed Forces.’

Battle of Britain Ace - One of The Few - Flying Tiger. Mjr. Witold Urbanowicz during decoration with the Air Medal by Maj. Gen. Claire Chennault - C.O. of 14th AF in China - 11 Januar 1944. S/Ldr Urbanowicz received the Air Medal for his combat activity with 75.Sqn 23. FG "Flying Tigers" 14. AF in China (from October to December 1943).

Mjr.Witold Urbanowicz and Mjr. Spitzler.

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