by Piotr Górka

Mosquito Mk VI of No. 305 Squadron (Polish) attacking fraight train.


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signed by

Squadron Leader  JULIAN LAGOWSKI  VMv CV** DFC

Flight Lieutenant  ZYGMUNT POPLAWSKI  VMv CV** DFC

Flight Lieutenant  MARIAN ADUCKIEWICZ    VMv CV** DFC



         At the end of 1943 No. 305 Squadron converted to de Havilland Mosquito fighter-bombers with a crew of two; a pilot and a navigator. From erly 1944 on, 20 Mosquitoes and 24 crews were employed on night operations over france. Althought the new aircraft could carry only half the bomb load of the Wellingtons or Mitchells, but they also had a powerful armament package of four 20 mm cannon and four 0.303 in. machine guns. Preparations for the  invasion involved patrols and attacking German communications in Normandy and elsewhere. After the ‘second front’ opened, the nature of combat operations remained unchanged, although daytime operations were also undertaken. Enemy communication lines and reinforcements were destroyed and troop redeployments harassed. Particularly heavy engagements were foughtover the Antwerp port approach, defended by the Germans until November 1944. Meanwhile, a number of Polish crews were lost and one flight was formed entirely of British and allied airmen. On 19 November the squadron moved to Epinoy airfield near Cambrai in liberated France. The crews continued to support the ground troops in their advance. Combat effort was so intensive that sometimes crews flew two sorties a day. On 22 February the squadron took part in ‘Clarion’, the largest combat operation in the history of air warfare, involving thousanda of aircraft that attacked communication lines throughout Germany. No. 305 Sqn was deployed over the northern part of the Reich, near the Danish-German border. It took until July 1945 before the squadron was re-established as an all-Polish unit, by which timy it was training in peacetime conditions.


Famoust Polish crew of 305 Sqn. F/Ltn Poplawski Jerzy VM DFC (pilot)

and F/Ltn Aduckiewicz Marian VM DFC (navigator) in wartime.

Both friends many years after the war.

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