Born on 17 September 1919 at Lakowica in Lwow region (now Lviv in

Ukraine) as a son of a career Polish army officer. He joined the Polish Air Force before the outbreak of the Second World War. Between 3 January  1938 and 26 June 1939 he was a cadet officer at the Polish Air Force College at Deblin and then form 3 July 1939 until the German invasion of Poland on 1 September 1939 at the Advanced Flying School at Ulez. As Poland's armed forces engaged the might of Hitler's army and air force in hopeless struggle, Budzik was evacuated from Poland and via Rumania and Syria arrived in France to continue the fight. Between 2 March 1940 and 24 June 1940 he received further training, this time with the French Air Force at Pau, and was awarded French "pilot's wings". Following the collapse of France in June 1940, Budzik and his fellows escaped to the UK. With 300 hours previous flying experience on single engine fighter types he initially flew as ferry pilot but soon commenced his training to be a fighter pilot, first at Eventon and at No. 61 OTU at Rednal in Shropshire, where he flew a Spitfire for the first time. Over a year after arriving in the UK, on 8 September 1941, P/O Budzik reported for flying duties with No. 303 (Polish) "Kosciuszko" Sqn at Speke. On 22 September 1941 he was reposted and arrived at Northolt to serve with No. 308 (Polish) "City of Cracow" Sqn, part of the 1st Polish Wing commanded by W/Cdr Tadeusz Rolski. He remained with No.308 Sqn for his first tour of duty after which he served briefly with the Air  Fighting Development Unit (AFDU) Wittering in May 1943. The following month he resumed operational flying with No. 306 (Polish)  "City of Torun" Sqn, again flying Spitfires. From September 1943 onwards the squadron took part in an increasing number of Ramrods and fighter sweeps over occupied France and F/O Budzik flew on most of these. In May 1944 he was posted to No. 317 (Polish) "City of Wilno" Sqn and flew on numerous Ramrod sorties in the build up period to D Day. When the great day came on 6 June 1944 he flew several patrols with his squadron over Normandy beaches. In October 1944 F/O Budzik was promoted to Flight Lieutenant and returned to No. 308 Sqn, this time as A Flight commander. In March 1945 he completed another tour of duty. He then served as an  instructor at No. 61 OTU, and then at No. 25 (Polish) EFTS. In September 1945 he was posted to No. 309 (Polish) "Ziemia Czerwienska" Sqn, flying  Mustang IIIs at Coltishall and Bradwell Bay. In January 1946 he returned to No. 303 Sqn, operating Mustang IVs, this  time as flight commander, under Battle of Britain veteran and ace S/Ldr "Ghandi" Drobinski DFC. He remained with the "Kosciuszko" Squadron until he left the RAF in 1946.


He was awarded

the Silver Cross Virtuti Militari

the Cross of Valour with three bars.



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