Born on 30 December 1913 in Cosovo, former Poland, as son of Wladyslaw and Adela F.Kocinska. Becker completed 4 classes of National Industrial School and the Pilot School LOPP in Lvov. On 1932 Stanislaw Becker enter as voluntary to Polish Army. Serving in 2 Pilot Division in Cracow as board mechanic and second pilot. In September 1939 he taken part in defending battle, and on 19 September as thousands of other pilots, escaped to Romania where He was interned. On 15 December Becker escaped from the Romanian Camp and by the sea he landed in Syria, and after, in France where he enter to the new Formed Polish Pilots group. After capitulation of France Becker arrived To Great Britain and, after a special training was send to 304 Squadron Having position to supervise the service of fighting planes. Soon after Becker asked to participate in fighting planes and, after A special training as board mechanic was sent to 300 Squadron. Hi taken part on fighting flies over Germany and other occupied Countries. After the Polish Warsaw rising in September 1944 he Voluntary with his crew was transferred to Italy and enter to 1586 Special Duties Squadron C Flight (Polish) in Brindisi, whose flied On 4 engines planes Halifax and Liberator to Poland, supplying The rising army and AK formation with weapons. By the end of 1944 Stanislaw Becker returned to England serving in 301 Polish Squadron, after war time changed on transport Unit. He was nominated This time as Pilot Officer. In 1948 he gone back to Poland, Cracow and soon was sent to Planes Factory in Mielec, where he worked until 1978. He was active in Combatants Organizations. Member of Polish Pilots Club in Warsaw and “44 Warsaw Club” and Senior Pilot Club in Cracow. Becker died on 21 November and was buried on Mielec Community Cemetery by Queen Jadwiga Street.  




His decorations include:

the Cross of Valour and two Bars.

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