Born on 12 January 1913 in Luck. In 1933 he passed his final certificate exams in the Cadets’ Corps No. 1 in Lvov, then he joined the Air Force Cadet Officers’ School in Deblin, from which he was commissioned in 1936. He was posted to the 51 Combat Flight of the 5th Air Regiment at Porubanek near Wilno. In 1937, after training on PZL-23 Karas aircraft he was transferred to the 55 Combat Flight in Lida. From 1938 he was serving with the Air Force Training Centre No. 1 in Deblin. He became an instructor for flying training on PZL-23 Karas, in the 3rd Training Flight. On 2 September 1939 he flew his first sortie, later he was evacuating training aircraft. On 17 September 1939 he crossed the Romanian border at Kuty. On 7 January 1940 he arrived in Britain. Having completed training, he was flying in No. 300 (Polish) Squadron (a bomber unit), and then in No. 309 (Polish) Squadron (army co-operation, later fighter-reconnaissance). He commanded No. 309 Squadron between 3 April ! and 8 September 1944. Later he was assigned to No. 268 RAF Squadron (on 10 September 1944). In the squadron he flew on operations over Normandy, Belgium and the Netherlands. Subsequently he was employed at the Polish Air Force Staff College at Weston-Super-Mare as an air reconnaissance assistant. He himself graduated from the Staff College  in the subsequent course. After demobilization he emigrated to the USA.


His decorations included

the Cross of Valour and three Bars.

A Mustang I AM214 'C' flown by F/Lt Jerzy Golko, later C.O. No.309 Sqn, photographed by his wingman with the Mustang's obligoe camera during a photo-reconnaissance mission against German shipping in the summer 1043.

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