Born on 1 August 1919 in Cracow-Podgorze. He graduated from the

Economic-Trade Secondary School in Cracow. In 1938 he joined the Air Force Reserve Cadet Officers' School. Commissioned on 15 October 1938 he was posted to the 2nd Air Regiment. During February-April 1939 he completed flying instructor's course at Radom. During the 1939 campaign he was mobilised to the replacement flight of the 2nd Air Regiment. On 17 September he flew to Rumania. He went to France by sea and arrived at Marseilles on 29 October 1939. On 1 November 1939 he was commissioned to an officer's rank. In January 1940 he arrived in Britain. He received service no. P-76695. Between 21 August and 3 September he underwent conversion training on British aircraft at No. 15 Elementary Flying Training School at Carlisle. On 15 September he was posted to No.303 Squadron, and on 23 September he was reposted for conversion training to No. 5 Operational Training Unit at Aston Down. During 1-7 October he was posted to No. 615 Squadron Fighter RAF, but from 7 October he served with No. 607 Squadron RAF, with which he participated in the Battle of Britain. On 28 November was posted to No. 229 Squadron RAF, and on 16 December - to No. 615 Squadron RAF. On 16 May 1941 he was reposted to No. 302 Squadron, and on 4 November to No. 87 Squadron RAF, where he flew night fighter sorties. On 16 March 1942 he rejoined No. 302 Squadron. Having completed a tour, on 26 April 1943 he was posted to No. 58 Operational Training Unit Balado Bridge as an instructor. Subsequently, with the entirePolish Fighter School he moved to No.61 Operational Training Unit. On 10 November he was posted to No. 315 Squadron, taking command of the 'A' Flight. On 8 May he was posted to No. 84 Group Support Unit, and on 31 July he resumed operational flying with No. 306 Squadron. On 22 September he left the unit, reporting to the Polish Air Force inspectorate. On 20 November he was appointed the 'A' Flight commander in No. 309 Squadron. In June 1945 he transferred to the HQ No. 133 Wing as the Intelligence Officer. Demobilised, on 21 December 1948 he joined the then forming Royal Pakistani Air Force (as one of a number of Poles). From 16 February 1949 until 5 November 1949 he was an instructor on North American Harvards at the Royal Pakistani Air Force College at Risalpur. He left the service on 16 February 1950 at his own request and moved to Australia, where he lived until his death. He died on 6 December 2005 in Canberra, Australia.




His decorations included the

Cross of Valour and two Bars.

                          1945.   04:09    309Sqn    Mustang III FZ111   WC-V 1755       1-0-0 Me 262


Mieczyslaw Gorzula on Mustang III of 309 Squadron, 'Czerwienska Land'  Polish Air Force.

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