Born on 19 January1918 in Cracow.One of Poland's best glider pilots. Having obtained his glider pilot's licence, he took part in many gliding competitions, and attempted to break various records. On 13 May 1937 he made an endurance flight from Bezmiechowa, remaining airborne for 18 hours. On 18 May 1938 he flew the PWS-101 glider from Bezmiechowa to Soleczniki Małe near Wilno (now Vilnius in Lithuania), covering a distance of 577.8 km, the longest glider flight in Europe. For this flight the FAI awarded him the first ever LILIENTHAL MEDAL. Following German invasion of Poland in September 1939 he went to Rumania, and via France to Britain. He fought as a fighter pilot in No.316 Squadron. After the war he returned to Poland, undertaking work at the Flying Club in Bielsko-Biala as a gliding instructor, but also taking part in competitions. In 1948 he made Poland's first high altitude wave flight lasting four hours. On 23 July 1950 he met the third condition for his Golden Gliding Badge with three diamonds, as the first in Poland and second worldwide to achieve that. Interestingly, he earned his first two diamonds already before WWII. At the time of the worst communist terror in early 1950s he was not allowed to fly, but resumed flying in late 1950s. He had glider, aeroplane, and helictopter flying licences, he also had test pilot's and instructor's licences. Among others, he made maiden flights of the SZD-11 Albatros glider. In 1962 he won the gliding championship of Poland, he set three national gliding records. He has flown a total of 4,000 hours on aeroplanes and 2,000 hours on gliders. On 15 August 2007 he was promoted Brigadier General (retd.) by the President of Poland Mr Lech Kaczynski.




His decorations included the

Silver Cross Virtuti Militari ,

the Cross of Valour and three Bars,




                          10.04.1942     Dyon 316 Spitfire V    (W3932)    SZ-U                        0-0-1 Fw 190

                          03.06.1942     Dyon 316 Spitfire V    (W3230)    SZ-O                        1-0-0 Fw 190

                          13.05.1943     Dyon 316 Spitfire IX   (EN174)     SZ-R                        0-1-0 Fw 190

                          04.09.1943     Dyon 316 Spitfire IX   (BS439)     SZ-P                        0-1-0 Fw 190

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