Born on 16 April 1908 in Moszenki, Poland. In 1929 he joined the  Air Force Reserve Cadet Officers’ School in Deblin. He decided to become a military pilot and in 1931 joined the Air Force Officers’ School in Deblin. On 15 August 1933 he was promoted to pilot officer observer. He was assigned to 114 Fighter Flight of 1 Air Wing in Warsaw. In 1934 he was posted for the Advanced Flying Training to Grudziadz. After the course he returned to 114 Flight. He flew there until 1937, and was then posted to the Air Force Officers Training Centre in Deblin to the post of instructor. In 1938 he went on a leave and took up his second hobby – cars. In August 1939 he was mobilized and was assigned to the Air Force Cadet Officers’ School. On 19 September he crossed the Romanian border. He got to France via Yugoslavia and Greece. From 1 March 1940 he was undergoing training in French aircraft in Bilda, in Algeria, and then at Maison-Blanche. On 20 July 1940 he arrived in Liverpool in Great Britain. He underwent conversion training in 5 OTU at Aston Down, and on 4 December 1940 was assigned to No. 303 (Polish) Fighter Squadron T. Kosciuszko. While flying there he shot down three German aircraft Bf 109: on 17 June, on 2 July 1941, and on 13 March 1942. From 3 July 1941 he was A Flight commander there, and from 21 November 1941 until 6 May 1942 he commanded the squadron. Having handed over the command he served at the Fighter Command as a liaison officer. On 26 September 1942 he was appointed as the commander of 2 (Polish) Fighter Wing, which consisted of three fighter squadrons: No. 303, No. 316, and No. 317. He commanded it until 27 January 1943 and then became the commander of 1 (Polish) Fighter Wing (until 20 June 1943). From 20 August 1943 he was a deputy operation officer at 11 Fighter Group. On 1 April 1944 he became a lecturer on tactics at the Air Academy. From 1 November 1944 he was a deputy aviation attaché at the Polish Embassy in London. He remained at that post till the end of the war. After the war he decided not return to Poland. At the beginning  he lived in Great Britain – he was a test driver in a car company. Then he became a sales representative and left for the USA, where he was a representative of a few Brilish car companies, among other Jaguar. He was often an honorary guest at the School of Eaglets. He died on 18 July 2001 at Sarasota, Florida (USA). 


He was  decorated

the Silver Cross of Virtuti Militari War Order

the Cross of Valour and three bars,

the Distinguished Flying Cross,

and many other


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