Born on 25 December 1915 w Sandomierzu, son of Jan and Marianna Kedziora. He graduated from a secondary school in 1934, and then he joined the Infantry Cadet Officers' School at Rozan. During summer 1935 he completed cat. 'B' gliding training at the Military Gliding Centre at Ustianowa, and then he joined the Air Force Cadet Officers' School at Deblin. On 15 October 1937 he was commissioned as a pilot and posted to the 123rd Fighter Flight of the 2nd Air Regiment in Cracow. From July 1938 he was the flight's engineering officer. In November 1938 he was reposted to the 121st Fighter Flight as the deputy flight commander.During the first decade of August 1939 he commanded a forward fighter patrol based at Wielun, and from 20 August 1939 until the outbreak of war at Bielsko-Aleksandrowice. Following the death of Capt. Tadeusz Sedzielowski, on 8 September he took command of the 121st Flight. On 17 September 1939 he flew to Cernauti in Rumania. Following a short internment he left Rumania by sea and on 29 October reached Marseilles in France. In early January 1940 he joined the so-called Montpellier Group. Subsequently he joined the section of Lt Wladyslaw Goettel attached to the GC II/7 at Luxeuil. Following the fall of France he flew to Africa, and then via Gibraltar reached Britain, arriving there on 13 July 1940. He received service no. P-1299. In early August 1940 he received a posting to No. 302 Squadron. On 22 November 1941 he left for a rest from operational flying, becoming an instructor at No. 58 Operational Training Unit at Grangemouth. In May 1942 he was appointed the 'B' Flight commander in No. 316 Squadron. On 1 December 1942 he became an operations room controller for No. 315 Squadron. In early 1943 he volunteered to join the Polish flight going to Africa and on 24 February 1943 with over a dozen other Polish pilots he sailed for Oran. The Polish Flight (which went down in history as the "Skalski's Circus")  was attached to No. 145 Squadron RAF. Upon return to Britain in July 1943 he was first posted to No. 303 Squadron, and then to No. 302. On 18 October 1943 he took command of the unit. On 5 July 1944 he left to the HQ No. 11 Group RAF, and from 1 October 1944 he was an instructor at No. 61 Operational Training Unit, Rednal. On 30 January 1945 he was reposted as the senior Polish officer to No. 84 Group Support Unit. On 10 March 1945 he was appoointed commander of the 3rd Polish Wing. On 16 July 1945 he became the wing leader of No. 131 (Polish) Wing. In October 1947 he returned to Poland. From 1948 he lived in Warsaw and worked as air traffic manager at the LOT Polish Airlines. In 1949 he lost the job as part of the general communist persecution of the Polish airmen who had served in the West during the war. He worked in non-aviation related jobs until 1957. In January 1957 he was allowed to join the 'People's Polish Air Force'. He underwent jet conversion training. He then held various staff posts, retiring in 1971. He wrote many books about the Polish Air Force in World War 2, both his own memoirs and popular history works. He died on 15 June 1991 and was buried at the Powazki Military Cemetery in Warsaw.






His wartime decorations included

the Silver Cross of Virtuti Militari (no.09543),

the Cross of Valour and three bars,

the French Croix de Guerre

the Distinguished Flying Cross

After the war he was

awarded the Commander's Cross of Polonia Restituta.

                        01.09.1939    121 Esk. P.11c                                                               1/2-0-0 Hs 126

                        05.09.1939    121 Esk. P.11c                                                               1/2-0-0 He 111

                        24.05.1940    GC II/7 MS.406                                            9:59            1-0-0 He 111

                        01.06.1940    GC II/7 D.520                                              2:41             0-1-0 Do 17

                        03.06.1940    GC II/7 D.520                                              2:41            1-0-0 Do 17

                        15.10.1940    Dyon 302 Hurricane I    P3931    WX-V      10:15            1-0-0 Me 109

                        13.03.1941    Dyon 302 Hurricane II   Z2485    WX-U     16:40             0-0-1/3 Ju 88

                        08.05.1940    Dyon 302 Hurricane II                               12:15             1-0-0 Me 109

                        05.06.1942    Dyon 316 Spitfire VB      AD313    SZ-X      15:35             1-0-0 FW 190

                        04.04.1943    PFT Spitfire IX                EN313    ZX-4       09:20-09:50  1-0-0 Me 109

                        20.04.1943    PFT Spitfire IX                EN313    ZX-4                             1-0-0 MC 202

                        21.04.1943    PFT Spitfire IX                EN313    ZX-4       11:20-12:20  1-0-0 Me 109

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