Born on 1 March 1917 in Berlin. In 1920 his family moved to Poznan,

subsequently to Swarzec, and then in 1924 to Ostrzeszow. In 1936 he passed his general Certificate of Education exams, at the same time he completed a flying course on RWD-8 aircraft. His military career started on 1 September 1936 at a course in Szkola Podchorazych Piochoty (Infantry Cadet Officers1 School) at Rozan. He then joined the Szkola Podchorazych Lotnictwa (Air Force Cadet Officers1 School) at Deblin. He graduated from the school in  the 12th promotion. Even before that, in June 1939, he received posting to  132 Eskadra Mysliwska (132nd Fighter Flight) of 3 Pulk Lotniczy (3rd Air Regiment) at Poznan. In September 1939 he fought in his Eskadra which, together with 131 Eskadra Mysliwska. formed part of III/3 Dywizjon Mysliwski (III/3 Fighter Squadron) which supported the Poznan Army. He shot down an He 111 German bomber on 3 September 1939, and a Bf 110 on 7 September. During the latter combat he was wounded and had to bale out. He was treated in hospitals in kolo, Kutno, and then Lowicz. He returned to Ostrzeszow, but was captured and placed in a PoW camp. In march 1940 he crossed the Hungarian border. Via Yugoslavia he reached France, and joined the Polish Air Force. On 3 July 1940 he arrived in Britain and underwent conversion training on new equipment. On 20 August 1940 he was posted to no. 302 (Polish) Fighter Squadron City of Poznan, with which he fought in Battle of Britain. In the summer 1941 he transferred to no. 307 (Polish) Night Fighter Squadron Lwow Owls (Lwow is now Lviv, Ukraine), where he completed a controllers course. He served as a controller at many radar stations, including two months aboard the cruiser HMS Glasgow. he returned to no.307 Squadron in 1944. In the spring 1945 he transferred at own request to no.229 Group in South-East Asia Command, based at Allahabad. he flew many types of aircraft. The experience he gained there allowed him to obtain a commercial pilot’s licence, after completion of a 6-month course at the Air Naval navigation School. He commenced work for the Lancashire Aircraft Corporation. Among others he participated in the Berlin Airlift. He continued his pilot’s career unti 1972 when he returned to his native Ostrzeszow. His memoirs were published in the book “Samolot zakrył słońce” (“An aeroplane has obscured the Sun”) published in 2000. On 7 April 2001 he was made a honorary citizen of Ostrzeszów. He died on 6 February 2006 at Ostrzeszów. He was buried at the catholic cemetery in Ostrzeszów.




His wartime decorations included

the Cross of Valour,

and posthumously he was awarded

the Commander’s Cross of Polonia Restituta.

                         03.09.1939      132 Esk.    P.11c                                                          1-0-0 He 111

                         07.09.1939      132 Esk.    P.11c                                                          1-0-0 Me 110

                         04.03.1941      Dyon 302  Hurricane    (I V6860)     WX-B     11:10      0-0-1 Ju 88

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