Born on 27 September 1915 in Lodz, where he later graduated from a

secondary school. In January 1937 he joined the Air Force Cadet Officers'

School at Deblin. He was commissioned as a pilot in the 12th class, on 1 August 1939, but already in June 1939 he was posted to the 114th Fighter Flight of the 1st Air Regiment. In September 1939 he fought with the 114th Flight within the Pursuit Brigade. Then via Rumania he reached France. He was posted to the Polish section led by Lt Aleksander Gabszewicz, subsequently attached to GC III/10. After the fall of France he was evacuated to Britain, arriving there on 16 July 1940. Following conversion training, on 19 October he was posted to No. 151 Squadron RAF, and a few days later he was transferred to No. 303 Squadron. On 29 October he was wounded during a sortie in Hurricane I P3206 RF-X. On 22 January 1941 he moved to No. 315 Squadron then being formed. From mid-June 1942 he commanded the 'B' Flight. On 5 April 1943 he was posted for a rest from operational flying, as an instructor at No.58 Operational Training Unit at Grangemouth. On 18 October 1943 he was briefly attached to No. 302 Squadron, and on 1 January 1944 he was reposted to command No. 317 Squadron. On 25 August he was appointed the Polish Liaison Officer at the HQ 12 Group RAF. From 15 May 1945 until 17 February 1946 he held staff posts at the HQ Fighter Command RAF. After demobilisation from the Polish Air Force he settled in Britain. He established a company that made leathercloth, and which proved a very successful business. He died on 20 August 1999.


His awards included

the Silver Cross of Virtuti Militari (no. 10295),

the Cross of Valour and two Bars and

the Distinguished Flying Cross,

                          1939.09.07       114 Esk. P.11c                                                         1-0-0 Ju 86

                          1939.09.07       114 Esk. P.11c                                                       1/2-0-0 Me 110

                          1939.09.08       114 Esk. P.11c                                                       0-0-1/2 He 111

                          1939.09.08       114 Esk. P.11c                                                       1/3-0-0 Hs 126

                          1941.10.21        Dyon 315 Spitfire VB  AB931     PK-C    12:00          1-1-1 Me 109


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