Born on on 23 April 1919 in Cracow, Poland. When completing the College (Gimnazjum) he completed also a Civil Glider Course and received quality of Sport Pilot. In 1938 he voluntary enter to Military Pilot School, but the medical tests excluded him to be Military Pilot. He became Radio-Telegraphist. Since the 1939 War he served in 1 Pilots Battalion, and on 19 September was evacuated to Hungary. Interned in Eger he escaped with a group of pilots to France. From France he was send to England and, after completing a Meteorology Course was send to 304 Bomber Squadron “ Silesian”. After next courses he received the Synoptic quality. Stanislaw liked to fly and, after agreement, was transferred to flying personnel. He did a series of flies as rifleman-telegraphist and bomber in patrol flies and battling the enemy’s sub-marines. He was granted with the Cross of Valour (Krzyz Walecznych) for the effective battle on German attacking fighting plane. In May 1944 he asked the transfer to 1586 Polish Special Duty  “C” Flight doing the throws to Occupied Europe. From Brindisi airfield Stanislaw flied over Albania, Yougoslavia, Greece, Cesko-Slovakia and Poland. In December 1944 he was seriously injured when the plane was forced to landing. Till May 1945 he was  treated in Polish Field Hospital in Italy. After return to Great Britain Stanislaw studied a year Synoptic Course in British Meteorology School in London, ending the Course in August 1946. In October the same year he returned to Poland. He started to work as Synoptic and flies Controller with PLL “LOT” in Cracow. In 1946 to 1959 he has been transferred to Polish Institute of Meteorology where he specialized himself on Meteorological Flies Protection. Later he worked and managed airport Nowy Targ, then Until March 1964 worked as Flies Controller on airport Czyzyny, near Cracow. In 1969 to 1973 he worked as Manager of “LOT” Division in Cracow And in 1973 to 1976 was send to Mediolan, Italy as Business Manager Of  “LOT” Agency. Later, until retirement in 1989 was in charge of  divers position in “LOT” Agency, Cracow. Olejnik was active member of Senior Pilot Club in Poland. Died in 12 January 2005 he was, with Military Honor Ceremony buried on Rakowice Cemetery in Cracow. 




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