Born  on 29th September 1919 in Rakowice near Ilawa and then he moved with his family together to Lebcz near Wladyslawowo  on Pomerania.In 1937 he started working for DWL workshop where RWD-17 and RWD-21 were assembled.His first flight was with PZL-5 flown by Michal Offierski (during WW2 a bomber pilot).In 1939 Leszek Owsiany finished his glider A and B category courses becoming a glider pilot. The first of September 1939 was not the first day of WW2 for him only.It was also the day when he become a RWD-8 pilot. After the Polish campaign, via Romania,Hungary,Yougoslavia,Italy he arrived France, where he was serving ,as a private, at Lyon-Bron the Polish Air Force base.Because the German campaign against France was finished shortly,Leszek Owsiany and his friends were evacuated to a camp in Scotland and then to a camp near Carlisle,the North England.In 1941 he started a theoretical course in Blackpool and then ,in September 1941, a basic flying course with Tiger Moth and Oxford planes.Moved to 7th AGS in Stormy Down he was training flights as a Whitley pilot.In 1943 he started working for the 300th Polish Bomber Squadron of "Ziemia Mazowiecka".During his service here he participated in about 30 missions over France, the dutch coast and Germany.On the 1st March 1944 he was sent to OTU in Blackpool for resting where he had to be a trainer for bomber crews.He refused this and asked for joining 1586 Special Duties Squadron.His request was accepted and Owsiany was sent to 138th Squadron in Tempsford to get a training with Halifax bombers. Having 20 houres of flights on the a/c he was ordered to get a new Halifax from St.Morgan base and on 25th May 1944 he took off to Campo Cassale near Brindisi.His serving in 1586 Squadron started the next night after his arrival with mission over Yougoslavia.By the day when he was shot down L.Owsiany took part in 39 special duties flights, 20 flights to Italy, 8 missions over Yougoslavia and 11 missions over Poland including 5 flights with help for the Upraising in Warsaw. At night on 16/17th August 1944 W/O Owsiany took off to the last flight to Warsaw.Returning from successfully finished mission over the capital of Poland his Halifax was shot down by a German night fighter of 1./NJG100 near Bochnia town (Silesia).Propably, the German fighter who shot down the Pole was Lt. Gustav Francisi flown Ju-88. Owsiany was captured and after a brutal investigation, sent to Stalag VII-B Lamsdorf ( now Lambinowice near Opole).Because of the Red Army advances the camp was evacuated to the West where on 30th March 1945 he was liberated by US troops near Kassel.Two day later he was given transportation to the Great Britain.Being sick for long time he was healing and resting at the old castle in Craighall,Scotland.In January 1946 he was sent to the 304th Polish Transportation Squadron of "Ziemia Slaska" where flown Warwick planes. Leszek Owsiany finished his service in Polish Air Force as a Polish sergeant and an English Warrant Officer. After the war he returned Poland and lived in some cities.The last one was Wejherowo town (Pomerania). He was promoted to Lieutenant rang as a retired officer. Hi was died 28 January 2008.




He was awarded with

the Silver Virtuti Military Cross

the Cross of Valour and two Bars

After the war he was awarded 

the Commander’s Cross of Polonia Restituta

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