Born on  8 December 1922 in  Niechciewicze, Poland. Completed Public School ( Gimnazjum I Liceum) in Nowogrodek, Poland. After invasion of Soviet Union in 1939 on Polish territory he stayed in the eastern part of Poland, under  Soviet occupation. In 1940, as major part of Polish inhabitants on the occupied region was sent, with his family to Sybir. He was forced to work on forestry as other Poles, doing  slavage job. The life conditions in the Camps of prisoners , where all sicknesses as typhus, malaria, pneumonias and  yellow fever dominated, he, strongly sick was hospitalized several months in terrible conditions. Finally, on the base of Sikorski-Majski  pact , after amnesty, Stefan joined first Teheran, and than through India he landed in Great Britain where he began  his pilot carrier. After completion of Pilot School in Benson  in 1943 he had been appointed in 306 Squadron (Polish) where he flow on Hurricane, Spitfire and Mustangs military aircrafts. Stefan taken part in defending London from  German attack with V-1 racquets  and also flow in actions on bombing German and French occupied  territories. His last part of actions was fly over  Hitler’s headquarter in 'Eagle's Nest' Berchtesgaden. After the war he stayed in London, and having proposal to enter to the R.A.F . he resigned. In meantime his family , mother and sister came from Africa and Stefan decided to take carry on his family. Since the training in Pilot School he did an excellent  and brave flow under the bridge in London, but,instead to be grated, he was punished by 1 week exceptions of fly. Stefan still live in London, Great Britain.

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