Born on 1919 in Nowy Sacz, Southeren Poland. After one year’s service in Military School  of Artillery and in the Field Regiment he entered the University of Krakow in 1938. When World War II broke out a year leter, he look part in the September Campaign returning home in November of 1939. He joined the ZWZ (Union of Armed Struggle) where using the code name Forester he was engagaed in helping the escapees to get across the border on the way for further flight in France. Jan left Poland in April 1940; in May, he joined Polish Carpathian Brigade formed with the French Army in Middle East. When France capitulated on 22 June 1940, the Polish Brigade moved out to Palestine where it became part of the 8th British Army. Brigade entered the North African Campaign on 2nd line of defense at Marsa Matruh in May of 1941; in August 1941, the Brigade came into the besieged Tobruk. Jan Borowczyk received the officer’s commission; he was engaged in fortress activities until the end of siege in December. Breakthrough attack at El Gazala, conquest of Bardia, action at El Mechili and on the defense line at Et Gazala completed the North African Campaign of Brigade in March 1942. in May 1942, the Polish 2nd Corps was organized in Middle East. Jan was assigned to 3rd Carpatian Division and Remained with it untill atumn 1942. Responding to the call from England for volunteers to the Air Force he left Middle East in a transport of 250 volunteers through Iraq, India and South Africa. Leaving Durban on s/s Empress of Canada’ the transport was torpedoed on the Atlantic on 13 March 1943 and the group lost 24 people. Rescued to Sierra Leone, the transport arrived on s/s ‘Mauretania’ in England in April 1943. Jan earned his pilot’s wings and was transferred to the polish Air Force in June 1944. Certified as a fihghter pilot he was posted to 315Sqn (Polish) in November 1944. The Squadron detached to Coastal Command was flying P51 ‘Mustang’ planes from base Peterhead in Scotland. Jan completed 10 operational sorties over Norway, in January 1945 the Squadron returned to its Fighter Command in England, from the base at Andrews Field Jan made 14 operational sorties over Continent and 13 patrol flights against the V-1 bombs till the end of war on 8 May 1945.



For his service in the war  Jan is a recipient of the Cross of Valour and Bar, Army and Air Force Medal, 1939 Campaign Cross and many other.

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