Born on  1923 in Warsaw. When WW2 broke out in 1939 he was a teenager. Leaving Poland in the wake of joint German-Soviet invasion, he found his way via Rumania to Palestine. He intended to join the Polish Forces in Exile but his young age prevented him from doing so. In 1941 he graduated from the Polish High School in Tel Aviv, and was then finally accepted into service with the Polish 'Carpathian' Brigade, famed for its defence of Tobruk during the German-Italian siege. In 1942 he volunteered to transfer to the air force. He then underwent a complete course of flying training in Britain and in 1944 he was posted to fly Spitfires in the Polish No. 308  Squadron "City of Cracow". On 1 January 1945 he shot down a Focke-Wulf 190 over his own unit's base at Ghent (Belgium). After the war he decided to return to Poland. He graduated from the Architecture Faculty of the Warsaw University of Technology, subsequently working on reconstruction of Warsaw from wartime destruction. He was then employed in various innovative architectural-urban development projects on several continents. During 1960s he managed to leave the communist-controlled Poland and emigrated to the USA, where he lives to date.




Jerzy Glówczewski's memoirs were published in 2007 in English by Xlibris under the title "The Accidental Immigrant". 

01.01.1945     Dyon 308 Spitfire Mk IX  (MJ396)      ZF-U        Ghent        1/2 -0 -0  Fw190

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