Born on the 6-th March 1920 from the parents Zygmunt and Marta, born Czarnecka. In 1938 Zygmunt completed the Public High School and received Maturity Grade. In July 1938 he also completed training in GliderPilot Course in Ustianowa. Receiving  “A’ and “B” grade he later, in June 1938 to end of August was trained in the frame of Military Pilots Preparation, flying on “ RWD 8”, Polish aircraft in Swidnik, Poland.The 30 September 1938 he was admitted on the Divisional Training by 13-th Infantry Division  and promoted as Under-Officer, than from 3rd January 1939 was admitted to Pilot School in grade Under-officer. The training was given  Between others, by scientists from Warsaw Polytechnic School. Jelinski was included to IV promotion of technical group and Until September 1939 had completed  FIRST year. When the war begined he had been evacuated to ZaleszczykiI, near the Romanian boundary. After Soviet Union invasion on Poland He, the 17th September passed trough Romanian boundary and has been interned in Tulcea military complex. Than, he himself escaped and trough Bukarest  joined the  Black Sea small port Balczik.The 15th of October he, by the ship “ Aghios Nicolaos” flown to Beirut and from there, by ship “ Ville de Strasbourg” arrived he 29 of October to Marseille, France. The same day he was transfer to Polish Under-Officers Pilot Unit in Istres. Jelinski was selected to be sending to Great Britain and the 14 March 1940 was admitted to the Polish Air Forces in England. Training on Pilot Quality started on 10 May 1941 only in 15 EFTS, Carlisle. Before he stayed in Centre Manston and Blackpool. On 21 June 1941he completed basic Pilot Course and few days Later, on 5 July was admitted to 8 SFTS Montrose, where until 1 October 1941 Zygmunt improved his quality as pilot. Than he was transferred to 1 Signal School where he flow With the pupils and improved again his flying art. Finally, On 11 February 1942 he was selected to flying training on fighting planes in 58 OTU, Grangemouth. Training on Spitfire’s he completed on 14 April 1942 and, after one week of holidays he presented himself in 306 Squadron (Polish) ‘Torunski’ in Church Stanton.  Jelinski flow first on Spitfire V, mainly over France. The  16 September 1942 he was send to Officer’s Course in Cosford And when he came back to his unit on 13 October, squadron operated this time on new Spitfire’s IX , and finally in March 1944 on Mustang’s III. Until July 1944 Jelinski completed 75 flying sorties, 12 July, when free of acting, Jelinski with his family, wife Irene and daughter Sonia visited friends living near London. This time, the Germans attacked London with V-1. The cruel fate did that the house where Jelinski with the friends was that time a bomb destroyed completely. He lost his wife and daughter and himself been heavily injured. He spent 5 months in hospital and, after, was unable to fly again. After more of recovery, the 1 April 1945 was nominated as Polish liaison  Officer by Air Ministry. Than, he was personal officer with Polish Corp of Adaptation and Location. Than he gone to Civil Life the 1 November 1948, being of English grade Flight Lieutenant and polish grade of captain. In 1948 Jelinski enter to University of London and in 1952 received license of Economy and Statistic. Than he was employed with Bristol Aeroplane Company in Montreal, Canada on position: Chef of Department of Technical Data and Statistic. In 1955-56 he worked with Univac Division In Los Angeles, USA where he established computer Univac 1 and Univac 1103 programs. In 1956 Jelinski received Master grade on Statistical Mathematic. In 1956-59 he worked with Bendix Co. in Los Angeles and from 1959 to 1962 with Autenetix and North American, from 1962 to 1964 with Philco, and from 1964 to 1968 with Rockwell International. Than, during 14 years ( 1968 to 1982)  Jelinski worked as Head Engineer with Computer Science Department and managed Searches for MacDonell Douglas in Hunting Beach, California. In 1972 he published, together with Paul Moranda scientific  Form of mathematic Model to establish infallibly PC programs. By end of his life he stayed in Vista, California. He died at 85 years ,18 February 2006.





Cross of Valour and two Bars



             07.06.1944  Mustang III  UZ-X(FZ163)   306 dyon    Normandy,Argentan-Caen     0-0-1 Me 109

               17.06.1944  Mustang III  UZ-M               306 dyon                                               1/2-0-0 Fw190

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