Born on 1920, in London,Originally a soldier of the British Expeditionary Force, and one of those evacuated from Dunkirk in 1940, when safely back in Britain he answered the RAF’s call for people to train as pilots. He singed up with the 501 City of London Squadron, before joining 601 Squadron, better known as the Battle of Britain Squadron. Mr Moore flew Spitfires and Hurricanes in support missions, often flying low and in range of German guns in order to support ground troops. He served in Europe, Malta, Egypt, Africa and Italy, and retired with the rank of Flight Lieutenant. After the war he ran a stationery store, Baxter’s in Ruislip High Street, until 1958, with his wife, Edna. The couple had married on June 23, 1946, and they had two sons, Robert and Edward, and one grandchild. Edna died in 2011, after more than 60 years of marriage. Mr Moore was also chairman of Ruislip Round Table and a member of a number of aviation societies. He tried to take his private pilot’s licence in the 1960s but son Robert told the Gazette that Edna quickly put a stop to that and her husband continued to enjoy flying as a passenger rather than a pilot. Eric Moore died on 9 June 2012 at his home in the town on a day when he was due to go on a RAF flight for veterans.


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