Born on  the 2nd December 1924 in the picturesque resort town of

Zaleszczyki, on  the border between of Poland and Romania, and there he attended school. Soon after the German-Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939, he came to share the fate of many thousands of others poles and was deported by the Russian security Police (NKVD) to forced labour in Kazakhstan, where he remained until 1942. He was relesed as the result of an agreement signed between the Polish government in London and the Soviets, and, at the age of seventeen, was able to join the Polish Army re-forming in Russia. After serving in the Middle East,(iran, Iraq, Palestine) he was transferred to the United Kingdom and enlisted with the Polish Air Force under British Command in April 1943.On completion of his training as pilot, he served towards the and of the war with the 315 squadron (Polish) in the United Kingdom  and in Germany. On relinquishing his commission in 1949, he entered Aston University in Birmingham wherehe studies and graduated in engineering. He was very succesful in his profession; first in the aeroengine industry and later working for an American engineering consulting company until he retired. He was died in 1 January 2007

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