Born on 17 June 1915 at Travnik near Sarajevo (Bosnia-Hertzegovina).

After World War I his mother brought her children to Poland to live in Ostrow Wielkopolski. In 1936 he joined the Air Force Cadet Officers School at Deblin. He was commissioned on 15 October 1938 as a fighter pilot and received posting to the 111th Fighter Flight of the 1st Air Regiment in Warsaw. In September 1939 he fought as a section leader in the 111th Flight within the Pursuit Brigade. On 3rd September he was shot down in combat and had to bail out. On 17 September he flew to Cernauti, Rumania at the orders of his commanders. Following a short internment he managed to escape from the camp and travel by sea to Marseilles, where he arrived on 29 October 1939. After conversion training on French fighters he was posted to the fighter section of Maj. Zdzislaw Krasnodebskiattached to the French GC I/55. Then reposted to the section of Capt. Kazimierz Kuzian based at Nantes. Evacuated to Britain, he received service no. P-1387. On 2 August he was posted to No. 303 Sqn in the initial group of pilots. He was the founder of No. 303 Squadron chronicle (which started as his personal diary). On 2 September he was forced to make an emergency landin in Hawker Hurricane I R4178 RF-G. On 15 September his Hurricane I R2685 RF-G was damaged in the same combat when Sgt Brzezowski was killed and Sgt Andruszkow baled out. On 27 September his Hurricane I V6681 RF-B was damaged in the same combat in which F/Lt Paszkiewicz and Sgt Andruszkow were killed. In November 1941 he was appointed oA' Flight commander in No. 303 Sqn, but instead had to be hospitalised due to serious illness.In February 1942 he re-joined No. 303 Squadron at his own request. On 14 February 1942 about 10.00 a.m. he was killed in an accident at Northolt during a routine formation flight in Spitfire BL432/RF-K (this was his first flight following his return to Northolt). This was probably caused by accelerating the aeroplane in dive to an excessive speed. He was buried at the Polish airmen cemetery at Northwood (London) grave no. H 232. The Polish Archeologic and Numismatic Society has issued a memorial medal to commemorate him. No. 11 Primary School and a street are named after him in his home town of Ostrow Wielkopolski





His awards included

the Silver Cross of Virtuti Militari,

the Cross of Valour and three bars,

and the British DFC.

                          03.09.1939    P.11c                                      111 eskadra                  1/3-0-0 Me 110

                          09.09.1939    P.11c                                      111 eskadra                     1-0-0 Hs 123

                          31.08.1940    Hurricane I    P3974    RF-J     303 dyon        18:25         1-0-0 Me 109

                          02.09.1940    Hurricane I    R4178    RF-G    303 dyon        17:50         0-1-0 Me 109

                          06.09.1940    Hurricane I    P3700    RF-E    303 dyon        09:00         1-0-0 Me 109

                          15.09.1940    Hurricane I    R2685    RF-G    303 dyon        12:00         1-0-0 Me 109

                          15.09.1940    Hurricane I    R2685    RF-G    303 dyon        15:00         1-0-0 Me 110

                          27.09.1940    Hurricane I    V6681    RF-B    303 dyon        09:20         1-0-0 Me 109

                          27.09.1940    Hurricane I    V6681    RF-B    303 dyon        09:20         1-0-0 He 111

                          05.10.1940    Hurricane I    V6681    RF-B    303 dyon        11:40         1-0-0 Me 110

                          22.06.1941    Spitfire IIB     P8385    RF-A    303 dyon        16:10         1-0-0 Me 109

                          27.06.1941    Spitfire IIB     P8385    RF-A    303 dyon                          0-1-0 Me 109

MiG-29 code no. 111 of the 23rd Tactical Base, its tail-art commemorating F/O Mirosław Ferić, as part

of the ‘Warsaw Scythemen’ project of the Polish Air Force and the Polish Aviation History Foundation.

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