Born on 16 October 1916 at Antoniow near Tarnobrzeg. In 1936 he joined the Air Force Cadet Officers' School. On 21 August 1937 he broke his left leg during a parachute jump. Commissioned on 15 October 1938 as a pilot, he was posted to the 123rd Fighter Flight of the 2nd Air Regiment, but was soon reposted do the 121st Fighter Flight. In early August 1939 he transferred do Ulez  as an advanced flying instructor. On 1 September he flew a combat sortie over Deblin as part of the ad-hoc Instructors' Flight . During the evacuation towards south east, on 14 September he joined Bomber Brigade elements and he then flew a combat sortie with the ad-hoc Fighter Flight of the Brigade. On 18 September he crossed the Rumanian border. He left Rumania by sea and reached Marseilles on 29 October. He arrived in Britain in December 1939, receiveing service no. 76700. Following conversion on British aircraft, on 1 August 1940 he was posted do No.6 Operational Training Unit at Sutton Bridge. On 1 September 1940 he obtained posting to No. 17 Squadron RAF at Tangmere. With this squadron he fought in the Battle of Britain. On 11 December 1940 he was injured during a forced-landing in Hurricane I P3023. On 25 February 1941 he joined No. 317 Squadron, newly formed at Acklington. On 3 June 1942 he was appointed the 'A' Flight commander in No. 306 Squadron, but the posting was altered on medical grounds and in mid-June he became an operations room ground control officer for No. 317 Squadron at Northolt. Subsequently he held various staff posts. From 30 June 1944 he served with the HQ Air Defence of Great Britain. On 21 August 1946 he transferred to Polish Fighter Station at Coltishall. After leaving the Polish Air Force he joined the RAF. He retired on 1 June 1966.He died on 27 October 1995 at Beverley, England.


His decorations included

the Cross of Valour and bar.

                         1940.10.29    17 Sqn Hurricane I      V6743                 17:00       1/2-0-0 Me 109

                         1941.12.18    Dyon 317 Spitfire VB   AD351   JH-L        12:45       1-0-0 Me 109

                         1942.04.26    Dyon 317 Spitfire VB   W3424  JH-Q       10:50       0-0-1/2 FW 190

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