Born on 11 October 1905 at Kedzierowo near Kielce. Commissioned in the 1st class of the Air Force Officers' School at Grudziadz. Upon completion of training on 15 August 1927 he was posted as an observer to the 32nd Line Flight of the 3rd Air Regiment as a sergeant/cadet officer. In March 1928 he was commissioned and posted for a flying course to the Air Force Officers' Training Centre at Deblin, and subsequently for an advanced (fighter) flying course at the 2nd Air Regiment. He then rejoined the 131st Fighter Flight of his parent regiment. Subsequently he transferred to the 132nd Fighter Flight. On 11 October 1935 he had a minor landing accident in PZL P.7 no. 6.39 there. In 1938 he was posted to the 3rd class of the Polish Air Force Staff Colle ge in Warsaw. Upon graduation, in June 1939 he was posted to the 1st Air Regiment as the deputy commander of the 216th Bomber Flight. He took part in the 1939 campaign as navigation officer nawigacyjny of the XV Bomber Squadron, part of the Bomber Brigade. While based at Wielick, he organised a fighter section for the airfield defnce from personnel and cadet officers evacuated from Ulez, and flew combat sorties himself in the prototype PZL P.11g Kobuz. He was then evacuated via Rumania to France. There he was posted as the deputy commander of the Polish-manned GC I/145, subsequently becoming its commander. After the collapse of France he was evacuated do Britain. He received service no. P-1287. Following conversion training, on 26 July 1940 was appointed the 'A' Flight commander in No. 302 Squadron. In December 1940 he took command of the squadron. On 8 May 1941 he was shot down in air combat (in Hawker Hurricane II Z3098 WX-A). During late May 1941 he became the commander of 1st Polish Fighter Wing at Northolt. He was killed on 27 June 1941 during a combat sortie over France, when his Supermarine Spitfire IIB P8331 RF-M was shot down by ground fire at Coquelles, south west of Calais. He was buried at Pihen-les-Guines (France), grave no. 6, row A, military plot.




His decorations included the Silver

Cross of Virtuti Militari (no. 09093)

and the Cross of Valour.


                                           1940.06.10            Dyon I/145 CR.714               1-0-0 Me 109

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