Born on 10 December 1899 in Lwow. On 5 November 1918 he voluntered to join the Polish defenders of Lwow, and in January 1919 he was wounded. In February 1919 he was posted to the 1st Field Artillery Regiment of the Legions. In January 1920 he joined the Artillery Cadet Officers' School in Poznan. Commissioned in February 1921, he was posted to the 6th Field Artillery Regiment in Cracow. In 1926 he applied for transfer to the air froce and on 12 April 1926 he was posted for a flying training course at the 11th Fighter Regiment in Lida. In 1927 he was transferred to the 3rd Air Regiment in Poznan as a fighter pilot. In 1932 he became the commander of the 132nd Fighter Flight of the 3rd Regiment. Later he was detached to the Flying School at Grudziadz as an advanced flying instructor. In 1934 he became commander of the III/3 Fighter Squadron. In 1939 he passed entrance exams to the Polish Air Force Staff College, but war prevented his studies there. In September 1939 he commanded the III/3 Squadron as part of the 'Poznan' Army aviation and took part in fighting. Afterthe 'Poznan' Army was encircled, on 17 September he was ordered by the Army aviation commander to attempt to fly to Lublin together with Capt. Franciszek Jastrzebski and Lt Henryk Bibrowicz. After the three aircraft became separated, he landed several time in fields trying to locate the Polish Air Force HQ. On 18 September he decided to fly to Rumania. Following a brief internment he left the country and went via Yugoslavia and Greece, and then by sea, to France, arriving there on 23 October 1939. He was appointed to organise and command the 2nd Polish Fighter Squadron there. In May 1940 he obtained himself a posting to a front-line unit and was posted to the section of Lt Wladyslaw Goettel in the GC II/7. Upon the fall of France he flew across the Mediterranean to North Africa, and then via Casablanca and Gibraltar reached Britain. He received service no. P-1288. He was appointed to organise and command No. 302 Squadron, with which he took part in the Battle of Britain. He was then selected to command No. 306 Squadron, but eventually on 15 December he joined an instrucotr's course at the Central Gunnery School RAF at Upavon, and on 24 February 1941 he became an instructor at No. 55 Operational Training Unit. On 1 August 1941 he moved to a similar post at No. 61 Operational Training Unit. On 14 September 1941 he became the commander of the Polish Fighter School at No. 58 Operational Training Unit, Grangemouth. From 25 August to 25 September 1942 he was attached to No. 306 Squadron at Northolt as a regular pilot to refresh his fighter pilot skills. He was then appointed the Polish Station Commander at Northolt. He occasionally flew on operations with the wing there. On 24 October 1943 he was appointed the Polish Liaison Officer at the HQ No.84 Group RAF. On 19 June 1945 he transferred to the HQ Fighter Command RAF. Following demobilisation he settle in London, where he worked as a baker. He died on 5 September 1985 at the Ealing Hospital. He was buried at the Gunnersbury Cemetery near the Polish Katyn Memorial, in the M plot (grave no. 25).

His awards included

the Silver Cross of Merit (before the war),

the Silver Cross of Virtuti Militari (no. 8990),

the Cross of Valour and bar,

the Commander, Order of the British Empire

the Distinguished Flying Cross,

and the French Croix de Guerre.

                         1939.09.08        Dyon III/3   P.11c                                                      1/2-0-0 Ju 86

                         1939.09.12        Dyon III/3   P.11c                                                   1 1/2-0-0 He 111

                         1939.09.13        Dyon III/3   P.11c                                                         1-0-0 Hs 126

                         1940.06.01        GC II/7        D.520 119                                                 1-0-0 He 111

                         1940.06.15       GC II/7         D.520 119                          15:15          1/2-0-0 Do 17

                         1940.06.15       GC II/7         D.520 119                                                 0-0-1/2 He 111

                         1940.09.18       Dyon 302     Hurricane  I P3588  WX-J    17:20             1-0-0 Do 17

                         1943.02.03       I PSM           Spitfire VB                           11:00-11:15   0-0-1 FW 190

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