Born on 2 May 1913 in Warsaw. In 1933 he joined the Air Force Cadet Officers’ School in Deblin. In 1936 he was commissioned, and after a short period of service with an operational unit he returned to the Air Force Cadet Officers’ School to the post of a cadet officers’ platoon leader and a flying instructor. In September 1939 he fought within the ad-hoc 'Deblin Fighter Group'. He got France via Romania, and on 27 June 1940 he arrived in Britain. Having undergone conversion flying training at 55 OTU, in May 1941 he was posted to No. 245 Squadron RAF. On 11 July 1941 he was  posted to No. 303 (Polish) Squadron in which he flew his first combat sortie on 13 October 1941. On 6 November 1941 he was credited with a Me 109 destroyed. On 12 April 1942 his aircraft was damaged in air combat over Hazebrouck; he managed to land in southern England. On 7 July 1942 he became a flight commander in No. 303 Squadron, and from 1 December 1942 until 4 July 1943 he was the squadron commander. Having handed over the command he was a Gunnery Officer at RAF Station Northolt. From 1 January 1944 he served in 84 Group. On 30 January 1945 he assumed command of No. 302 (Polish) Squadron which at the time operated mostly against German supply lines in front-line area. On 24 February 1945 around 3.45 p.m. he was shot down by German anti-aircraft artillery in the vicinity of Kreffeld (he was attacking a group of cars from an altitude of 10 metres). He was captured by the Germans and was subsequently liberated at war's end by troops of the American 3rd Army. He flew 74 combat sorties in fighter squadrons, was decorated with Silver Cross of Virtuti Militari War Order, and Cross of Valour and two bars. After demobilization he decided to settle in Britain. He was, among others, a vice-chairman of the Polish Air Force Association in Great Britain, a vice-chairman of the Board and Committee of the Polish Union, and a member of the Polish Library Committee.

He died on 15 August 1979 in London.

His decorations include:

the Silver Cross of Virtuti Militari War Order No.11668

and Cross of Valour and three Bars.


                        06.11.1941          Spitfire VB RF-D  (AB976)         303 dyon                    1-0-0 Me 109

                        13.05.1943          Spitfire IX SZ-F   (EN127)         316 dyon                    0-0-1 Fw 190

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