Born on 29 October 1915 in Warsaw. Graduate of the NCO Pilots School in Bydgoszcz. In 1937 he was posted as a pilot to the 111th Fighter Flight of the 1st Air Regiment in Warsaw. He has flown with the 111th Flight as part of the Pursuit Brigade during the 1939 campaign. He reached France via Rumania, and was posted to a Polish section under Maj. Krasnodebski attached to GC I/55. After France collapsed he was evacuated to Britain. He received service no. 793420. He was posted to No. 303 Squadron on 2 August 1940. On 6 September 1940, while flying Hurricane I V7290 RF-H he was shot down and wounded by return fire from the bombers, following which he spent three weeks in hospital. He returned to No. 303 Sqn, and on 7 March 1941 he was posted as an instructor to no. 57 and a month later to no. 55 OTU. He was killed on 12 August 1941 he was on a training sortie in Hurricane I no. V7742. While descending through

clouds flight he and his wingman F/O Zygmunt Höhne (Hurricane I V6565) collided with high terrain at Horn Craggear Boot, Cumberland and they were both killed. He is buried at Castletown cemetery, Sunderland, England.

His decorations included

the Silver Cross of Virtuti Militari (no. 08827), 24 September 1940

the Cross of Valour and two Bars,

the British Distinguished Flying Medal, 12 August 1941

the Air Medal.

1939.09.03    111 Esk.      P.11c                                                         1-0-0 Me 110

1940.08.31    Dyon 303    Hurricane I     R2688      RF-F     18:25      1-0-0 Me 109

1940.09.05    Dyon 303    Hurricane I     P3975      RF-U     15:05      2-0-0 Me 109

1940.09.06    Dyon 303    Hurricane I     V7290      RF-H     09:00      1-0-0 He 111

1940.09.30    Dyon 303    Hurricane I     V7504      RF-G     14:00      1-0-0 Me 109

1940.10.05    Dyon 303    Hurricane I     P3901      RF-E     11:40      1-0-0 Me 109

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