Born on 24 May 1914 in Warsaw. On 1 January 1938 he joined the Polish Air Force College in Deblin. On 15 October 1938 he was commissioned in the 11th class. He was posted to the 132nd Fighter Flight of the 3rd Air Regiment in Poznan. During summer 1939 he was transferred as an instructor to the training flight of the 3rd Rgt. In September 1939 he fought in the II platoon of 36th Air Observation Flight attached to the Wielkopolska Cavalry Brigade. In the second week of September he was shot down at Pruszków near Warsaw. He joined No. 4 Air Base at Mińsk Mazowiecki and was then sent to Brzesc nad Bugiem. He then flew an RWD-8 to Lwów, where his aircraft was then destroyed in an air raid. He reached Zaleszczyki, and upon the Soviet invasion he flew to Rumania. He reached France via Yugoslavia and Greece, and then be sea. In France he trained on fighters, but failed to take part in combat. On 27 June he arrived in Britain (receiving service no. P-0692). Following conversion training, in mid-September he was posted to the newly formed No. 306 Squadron. On 8 December 1940 he suffered serious burns while landing in a burning Hurricane I P3938. On 19 May 1941 he was shot down by German fighters during a sortie over the English Channel. He managed to bale out safely over England. From 1 March 1942 he was ‘B’ Flight commander in No. 306 Squadron, but on the 26th he suffered an accident and had to bale out, suffering serious wounds and was admitted to hospital. On 17 May 1942 he rejoined No. 306 Sqn and on 24 May he was appointed ‘B’ Flight commander in No. 317 Squadron. He returned to No. 306 Squadron as its commander on 23 August 1942 and held the post until 13 March 1943. He then served as tactics officer at the HQ Fighter Command. From 30 October 1943 he was deputy leader of the 1st Polish Wing (No. 131 Airfield). Then from 11 May 1944 his formal posting was the Polish Air Force Depot at Blackpool, and he in fact flew on operations with the 61st Fighter Squadron 56th Fighter Group USAAF. On 15 June he was posted to the HQ No. 11 Group. From 11 October 1944 he was the commander of the 3rd Polish Wing, and then from 31 January until 17 July 1945 the commander of the 2nd Polish Wing (No. 133 Wing). He graduated from the Polish Air Force Staff College (September 1945 –

April 1946), and then resumed command of the 3rd Wing. After demobilization he remained in Britain, and then emigrated to Canada, eventually moving to the USA. He worked for the aerospace industry. He died on 3 May 1995 in San Diego, California.




His decorations included

the Silver Cross of Virtuti Militari (no. 09632),

the Cross of Valour & three Bars,

and the Distinguished Fliing Cross.


16.06.1941 Dyon 306 Hurricane II Z3502? UZ-J 16:30 0-0-1 Me 109

18.12.1941 Dyon 306 Spitfire VB AA929? UZ-L 12:40 1-0-0 Me 109

30.12.1941 Dyon 306 Spitfire VB AD265? UZ-K 14:10 1-0-0 Me 109

19.08.1942 Dyon 317 Spitfire VB BL690 JH-Z 10:20-10:35 1-0-0 Do 217

19.08.1942 Dyon 317 Spitfire VB AD451 JH-N 16:20-16:35 1-0-0 He 111

21.01.1943 Dyon 306 Spitfire IX BS403 UZ-K 15:25 0-1-0 FW 190

15.02.1943 Dyon 306 Spitfire IX BS403 UZ-K 14:20 1-0-0 FW 190

18.10.1944 II (133) Skrzydlo Mustang III FB3601 SZ-K 12:05 1/2-0-0 Me 109

07.12.1944 II (133) Skrzydlo Mustang III HB8412 PK-A 14:21 0-1-0 FW 190

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