Born on 17 February 1916 in Poznan, son of Witold and Magdalena. He completed his secondary education at the Adam Mickiewicz Secondary School in Poznań. In September 1935 he joined the Polish Infantry Reserve College at Zambrow. Since 21 December 1935 he was a student at the Polish Air Force Reserve College at Dęblin, graduating on 14 September 1936, with a posting to the 3rd Air Regiment in Poznan. On 12 October 1936 he joined the Polish Air Force College at Deblin (second term). In November 1937 he was expelled and transferred to reserve. In March 1939 he became a flying instructor at the Polish Air Force NCO School for Minors at Krosno-Moderowka. He was commissioned in reserve. in September 1939 he was mobilised into the 131st Fighter Flight assigned to the ‘Poznan’ Army air arm. He was then evacuated to Rumania, and via Yugoslavia and Italy he went to France. On 2 March 1940 he was posted to the group of Capt. Józef Ostrowski, sent to the training centre at Pau. On 25 May he joined a defensive section on Dewoitine D.500 fighters. He arrived in Britain in July 1940 (receiving service no. P-0448). He underwent conversion training at No. 5 OTU On 19 October 1940 he was posted to No. 302 Squadron, but on 15 November 1940 he transferred to No. 213 Sqn RAF. From 17 April 1941 he served with No. 17 Sqn RAF. On 23 June 1941 he rejoined No. 302 Sqn. In mid-February 1943 he joined the Polish Combat Team, with which he flew in North Africa from March until May 1943. Upon return to Britain, on 25 July 1943 he was posted to No. 316 Sqn. From 26 August he was an instructor at No. 58 OTU, and then from October at No. 61 OTU. On 22 February 1944 he was appointed the ‘B’ Flight commander with No. 306 Sqn. From 10 July 1944 he held various posts with the HQ Polish Air Force. He died on 17 May 1949, following a long illness. He was buried at St Mary Cemetery in London, grave no. 1106.




His decorations included

the Silver Cross of Virtuti Militari (no. 08479),

the Cross of Valour & three Bars,

and the British Distinguished Fliing Cross.


04.09.1941 Dyon 302 Hurricane II Z3675 WX-B 14:55 0-1-0 Me 109

30.12.1941 Dyon 302 Spitfire VB W3209 WX-E ok. 14:30 1-0-0 Me 109

07.04.1943 PFT Spitfire IX EN267 ZX-5 ok. 08:00 1-0-0 Me 109

22.04.1943 PFT Spitfire IX EN261 b/o ok. 08:30 2-0-0 Me 109

24.06.1944 Dyon 306 Mustang III UZ-W 12:05 1-0-0 Me 109

0-0-1 FW 190

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