Born on 21 October 1907 at Wola Galezowska, Lublin region. He studied at the Lwow Technical University. In November 1931 he joined the Air Force Reserve Cadet Officer’s School and upon graduation in October 1932 he joined the Air Force Cadet Officer’s School at Deblin. He was commissioned on 15 October 1934 as second best and posted to the 12th Line Flight of the 1st Air Regiment. In December 1934 he was transferred to the Staff Training Flight of the 1st Air Rgt as a pilot and engineering officer. During April-July 1936 he completed an advanced flying course at Grudziadz, subsequently becoming an instructor pilot at the training flight of the 1st Air Rgt. In August 1936 he was posted to the 112th Fighter Flight as a pilot and engineering officer. On 1 August 1938 he was appointed tactics (intelligence) officer of the III/1 Fighter Squadron of the 1st Air Rgt. He failed to participate in the Polish campaign of 1939 as on 27 August he left to France with the Polish military committee for Morane-Saulnier MS.406 fighter handling course. Upon completion of the course he went to Britain to fly a Fairey Battle to Poland, but this plan was abandoned due to the situation in Poland. He then remained in Britain until November 1939, and then went to France. He led a Polish section attached to the GC II/8 during the Battle of France. After the fall of France he was evacuated to Britain with the all-Polish GC I/145. He probably received service no. P-1293 (most authors quote his service no. as P-0042 but that was the no. of navigator F/Lt Witold Wojciech Paszkiewicz). On 2 August 1940 he was posted to No. 303 Sqn. During training, on 9 August he had an accident in Hurricane I P3645 RF-R. On 15 August he was appointed the Polish commander of the ‘B’ Flight. On 30 August 1940 he shot down a Messerschmitt 110 (claimed as a Dornier) during a training sortie, scoring the first kill for No. 303 Squadron. On 27 September 1940 he took if in Hawker Hurricane I L1696 RF-T to intercept a German raid. About 9.20 a.m. he was shot down and killed at Borough Green, Wrotham.  He is buried at the Polish airmen cemetery at Northwood (London) Middlesex, grave no. H 224.



His decorations included

the Silver Cross of Virtuti Militari (no. 8831),

the Cross of Valour

and the Distinguished Flying Cross.,


  30.08.1940      Dyon 303 Hurricane I  (R4217)    RF-V     16:35     1-0-0 Do 215

  07.09.1940      Dyon 303 Hurricane I  (V7235)    RF-M     17:00     2-0-0 Do 215

  11.09.1940      Dyon 303 Hurricane I  (V7235)    RF-M     16:00     1-0-0 Me 110

  15.09.1940      Dyon 303 Hurricane I  (V7235)    RF-M     12:00     1-0-0 Me 109

  26.09.1940      Dyon 303 Hurricane I  (V7235)    RF-M     16:30     1-0-0 He 111





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