Born on 10 July 1910 at Nagornik, Kielce region, son of Jan and Ewa.

In August 1931 he joined the Infantry Reserve Cadet Officers’ School at Zambrow, graduating in September 1932. He then joined the Air Force Cadet Officers’ School at Deblin. Commissioned on 15 August 1934 in the 7th class as an observer, he was posted to the 21st Line Flight of the 2nd Air Regiment in Cracow. From April to July 1935 he completed an elementary flying course at the Air Force Officers Training Centre at Deblin, and returned to the 2nd Regiment. From May to July 1936 he completed an advanced flying course at Grudziadz. He was then posted to the 123rd Fighter Flight of the 2nd Regiment. From September 1937 until January 1938 he underwent an instructor’s course at Deblin, and then served at the Air Force Cadet Officers’ School. In September 1939 he took part in the evacuation of the school. On 19 September he was captured by the Soviets, but on 24 September he escaped and went to Rumania. Following a brief internment he left Rumania and reached France by sea, arriving at Marseilles on 12 October. He was posted to the all-Polish GC I/145, where he was appointed to lead the fourth section in the I flight under Capt. Wczelik. On 9 June he was wounded in the dramatic combat of his squadron. He was evacuated to Britain with his squadron. He received service no. P-1400. On 24 July 1940 he was posted to No. 302 Squadron with which he then fought in the Battle of Britain. On 15 September the Hurricane I (P3935 WX-D) was badly shot up during his second combat that day (the one when F/Lt Chlopik was killed). On New Year’s Day 1941 he became the ‘A” Flight commander. In mid-May 1941 he commanded briefly the ‘B’ Flight, but on 29 May he returned to his previous post. On 21 November 1941 he took command of No. 302 Squadron. On 18 December, while taking off for Operation “Veracity I” in Spitfire VB AD555 he had an accident in which Sgt Aleksander Przesmycki, a mechanic, was killed. On 25 August he became the Polish liaison officer at the HQ No. 10 Group RAF. On 11 November he was reposted to the same post to the HQ No. 81 Group RAF. In May he was posted to the HQ 2nd Polish Wing at Church Fenton, and on 20 June 1943 he took command of the Polish Fighter School, which at the time was part of No. 58 OTU, and from October 1943 No. 61 OTU. On 2 February 1944 he transferred to RAF Heston, where on 15 February he took command of No.133 (Polish) Wing. On 6 April he took command of No. 131 (Polish) Wing (exchanging postings with Stanislaw Skalski). On 20 June 1944 during a combat sortie he was shot down in error by allied ground fire and forced-landed in France in his personal Supermarine Spitfire IX ML419 ‘JK’. On 4 August he led his wing to an airfield in liberated France: for the first time since the evacuation in June 1940 Polish air units were based on French soil. On 10 October, having completed a combat tour, he moved to the HQ No. 11 Group RAF. From 25 February 1945 he was the Polish station commander at RAF Coltishall, where the 3rd Polish Wing was based. He then held the same post in subsequent bases of the wing: from 8 August at RAF Andrews Field, from 29 November at RAF Wick and from 15 March 1946 at RAF Hethel. He was demobilised in January 1947. He settled at Ipswich. He worked in agricultural and gardening machine industry. He died on 7 December 1986 in a hospital at Ipswich.

His decorations included the Silver

Cross of Virtuti Militari (no. 09464),

the Cross of Valour and three bars and

the British DFC.

1940.06.09    Dyon I/145    CR.714                                                  1/3-0-0 Do 17

1940.09.15    Dyon 302    Hurricane I  P3935   WX-D   12:10             0-1-0 Do 215

1940.09.15    Dyon 302    Hurricane I  P3935   WX-D   14:25             1-1-0 Do 17

1940.09.18    Dyon 302    Hurricane I  P3935   WX-D   17:15             0-1-0 Do 215

1940.09.19    Dyon 302    Hurricane I  P3935   WX-D   11:00             1-0-0 Ju 88

1941.03.04    Dyon 302    Hurricane I  V6744   WX-C   11:10             0-0-1 Ju 88

1942.04.26    Dyon 302    Spitfire VB   BL549   WX-L    17:10 -18:30  0-0-1 FW 190

1942.07.26    Dyon 302    Spitfire VB   EN865   WX-L   13:45              1-0-0 FW 190

1944.06.20   131 Wing     Spitfire IX   ML419    JK        16:00              0-1-0 FW 190


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