Born on  5 April 1916. In 1936 he joined the Air Force Cadet Officers’ School. On 15 October 1938 he was commissioned in as a fighter pilot, and was posted to the 112th Fighter Flight of the 1st Air Regiment. In the 1939 campaign he flew with that flight as part of the Pursuit Brigade. On 18 September he crossed the Rumanian border with the unit. He reached France. Initially assigned to the section of Lt. Waclaw Lapkowski, he was eventually posted to the fighter section of Capt. Tadeusz Opulski in defence of Romorantin. After the fall of France he was evacuated to Britain. He received service no. P-1503. He was posted to No. 303 Squadron on 2 August 1940. On 7 September 1940 he was shot down in Hawker Hurricane I P3890 RF-N by a Messerschmitt 109 over Thames Estuary. Heavily wounded, he bailed out and was taken to Waldershire Hospital. He returned to no. 303 Squadron in December 1940. In September 1941 he was posted briefly to No. 3 Ferry Pilots Pool for a rest from operational flying, but returned to No. 303 Squadron by the end of the month. On 22 November 1941 he was appointed to command No. 303 Sqn’s ‘B’ Flight. On 13 December 1941 he was wounded when his Spitfire VB AB936 RF-V was hit over France but he managed to get back to base and land safely. On 4 April 1942 during Circus 119 he was shot down and killed in a Spitfire VB AD455 RF-V, probably by German fighters of I./JG26. His body was lost in sea.,


His decorations included

the Silver Cross of Virtuti Militari (no. 8821)

and the Cross of Valour and three Bars.





01.09.1939.      112 Esk.     P.11                                                            1-0-0 Ju 87

01.06.1940.      Klucz „Op”  MS.406                                                        1-0-0 He 111

07.09.1940.      Dyon 303   Hurricane I P3890     RF-N    17:00              1-1-0 Do 215

07.09.1940.      Dyon 303   Hurricane I P3890     RF-N    17:00              0-1-0 Do 215

20.04.1941.      Dyon 303   Spitfire II P8041        RF-E    11:00              0-1-0 Me 109

4 April 1942, Northolt. This photo was taken just before the last flight in which he died.

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