Born on  30 October 1916 in Siedlce, son of Mateusz and Sabina nee Rećko. He completed an elementary flying course during his initial military training. In November 1937 he commenced his compulsory military service, with the 5th Air Regiment at Lida/Wilno. In 1938 he completed an advanced flying course at Grudziądz. He then flew as a pilot with the 152nd Fighter Flight of the 5th Rgt. During the Polish campaign he flew with the 152nd Flight, assigned to the air arm of the ‘Modlin’ Army. On 10 September 1939 he was shot down at Siennica near Mińsk Mazowiecki and forced to crash-land, re-joining his unit the same evening. He went via Rumania to France. There he was posted to the section of Lt Jan Falkowski allocated to defend Cognac. He arrived in Britain in June 1940 (receiving service no. 782474). On 10 September 1940 he was posted to No. 307 Sqn, where he subsequently was in the group of pilots who applied for reposting to day fighter units. In October 1940 he was sent for a brief training at No. 1 SAC and then at No. 5 OTU, and on 9 October he joined No. 249 Squadron RAF. In February 1941 he was posted to No. 303 Sqn and continued to fly with it until February 1943. From March until May 1943 he then fought with the Polish Combat Team in North Africa. Upon return to Britain, in July 1943 he rejoined No. 303 Sqn. Having completed a combat tour, on 16 October he was posted to No. 16 (Polish) SFTS as an instructor. On 14 January 1944 he was killed in an accident at Tollerton near Nottingham when his Miles Master III DL941, in which he had just landed after a training sortie, was hit by Master II EM385 taking off (the other crew, P/O Zygmunt Malinowski and Sgt Stanisław Drążek were unhurt). He was buried at the Polish Air Force Cemetery at Newark, Nottinghamshire, grave O 319A.







His decorations included

the Silver Cross of Virtuti Militari (no. 08481; posthumously)

and the Cross of Valour & three Bars.






04.04.1942    Dyon 303   Spitfire VB AD116   RF-H        10:35             1-0-0 FW 190

03.07.1942    Dyon 303   Spitfire VB BL670    RF-K        20:25          1/2-0-0 Ju 88

19.08.1942    Dyon 303   Spitfire VB BL670    RF-K        13:40          1/2-0-0 FW 190

08.04.1943    PFT            Spitfire IX EN315    ZX-6        12:30-13:50   0-0-1 Me 109

20.04.1943    PFT             Spitfire IX EN268    ZX-7       13:00              1-0-0 MC 202

28.04.1943    PFT             Spitfire IX EN315    ZX-6       13:15-14:25   1-0-0 MC 202

03.10.1943    Dyon 303   Spitfire IX MA222    RF-A        17:15             0-0-1 FW 190


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