Born on 18 July 1915. He joined the Polish Air Force College and was commissioned in the 12th class in 1939. In June 1939 he was posted to the 113th Fighter Flight of the 1st Air Regiment. In September 1939 he fought with the 113th Flight, as part of the Pursuit Brigade. On 1 September

he was wounded in hand in air combat. On 17 September he crossed the Rumanian border, and thence went to France. In June 1940 he was posted to the section of Maj. Wyrwicki, attached to the GC II/10. After the collapse of France he flew to North Africa, and then went to Britain via Casablanca and Gibraltar. He received service no. P-1427. On 21 August he was posted to No. 303 Squadron, but on 2 September he was posted for training to No. 5 OTU, and then on 27 September he rejoined No. 303 Squadron, with which he took part in the Battle of Britain. On 30 September his Hurricane I P3663 RF-H was damaged and he made a forced landing on the beach near Lydd. On 14 April he was reposted as an instructor to No. 55 OTU. Subsequently from 1 August he was an instructor at No. 61 OTU, and from 14 September at No. 58 OTU. On 19 November he rejoined No. 303 Squadron, and then on 14 December 1941 he was posted to No. 316 Squadron. On 27 August he was transferred to No. 72 Squadron RAF, and was subsequently reposted to No. 222 Squadron RAF. On 8 December 1942 he rejoined No. 303 Squadron again. On 28 June 1943 he was posted to No. 317 Squadron, and on 2 September was appointed the ‘A’ Flight commander there. On 8 April 1944 he moved to a staff post at the HQ Polish Air Force. In January he commenced studies at the Polish Air Force Staff College, and upon graduation he served with the HQ No. 46 Group RAF. In November 1947 he was demobilised. In 1951 he joined the RAF as an officer (service no. 501702). He died on 17 December 1978 in London. He was buried at Putney Vale Cemetery.

His decorations included

the Silver Cross of Virtuti Militari (no. 08431),

the Cross of Valour and three Bars

and the French Croix de Guerre.




01.09.1939     113 Esk.      P.11                                                              0-0-1 Ju 86

01.09.1939     113 Esk.      P.11                                                           1-0-0 Me 109

05.09.1939     113 Esk.      P.11                                                        1/3-0-0 Ju 87

01.06.1940     GCMP          MS.406                               12:20           1/2-0-0 He 111

30.09.1940     Dyon 303    Hurricane I P3663    RF-H   14:00           1/2-0-0 Do 215

25.04.1942     Dyon 316    Spitfire VB BL631      SZ-F   10:35              0-0-1 FW 190

06.05.1942     Dyon 316    Spitfire VB BL631      SZ-F   18:45           0-1/3-0 FW 190

26.07.1943     Dyon 317    Spitfire VB W3445    JH-Z    11:20-11:30   0-0-1 FW 190

08.09.1943     Dyon 317    Spitfire VB AR550     JH-A    09:30-09:35    1-0-1 Me 109


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