Born on 25 August 1913 at Lubartow. As an officer of the 3rd Light Artillery Regiment, in 1935 he completed a flying training course at the Air Force Officers Training Centre and obtained a transfer to the air force. He flew as a pilot with the 64th Line Flight of the 6th Air Regiment in Lwow. He then served with the 5th Air Regiment. In September 1939 he was deputy commander of the 151st Fighter Flight that supported ‘Narew’ Independent Operational Group of the army. Then via Rumania he went to France. In March 1940 he was posted to the fighter pilot’s school at Avord in the group led by Lt Kosinski. Upon completion of training in May 1940 the group was reformed into a fighter section for defence of Bourges. Upon collapse of France he travelled, together with his section, via North Africa to Britain, arriving there in July 1940. There he was given service no. P-0603. Following training at No. 5 OTU, in October 1940 he was posted to No. 607 Squadron RAF, and in February 1941 to No. 56 Squadron RAF. On 21 July 1941 he was posted to No. 308 Squadron as ‘B’ Flight commander, assuming command of the unit in December 1941. He was killed at Woodvale on 9 January 1942 in a flying accident of his Spitfire IIA P8206 in a collision with Spitfire IIA P7745 flown by F/O Kazimierz Dolicher (who suffered only minor injuries). He was buried at Formby cemetery (Freshfield), Lancashire, grave with no number.

His decorations included

the Silver Cross of Virtuti Militari (no. 09363)

and the Cross of Valour and Bar.




24.05.1940    Klucz 'Kos' H-75A                                                 1/3-0-2×1/3 He 111

05.06.1940    Klucz 'Kos' H-75A                                            3×1/5-0-2×1/5 He 111

14.08.1941    Dyon 308 Spitfire IIB  P8655    ZF-U    17:30                 1-0-0 Me 109

29.08.1941    Dyon 308 Spitfire IIB  P8547               07:25                  0-0-1 Me 109

21.09.1941    Dyon 308 Spitfire VB  W3798              15:12                  1-0-0 Me 109

No. 308 Squadron members with the Northolt Wing Leader. Standing, left to right: F/Lt Marian

Wesołowski  (‘B’ Flight commander), P/O Bolesław Palej, F/Lt Ignacy Kolacinski (Medical Officer),

Sgt Stefan Krzyzagorski, Sgt Stanislaw Piatkowski, F/Lt Stefan Janus (‘A’ Flight commander),

W/Cdr Tadeusz Rolski (Wing Leader  of the 1st Polish Wing), P/O Jerzy Poplawski,

F/O Franciszek Skiba, S/Ldr Pisarek (commanding No. 308Sqn),  F/O Jan Jakubowski,

Sgt Tadeusz Schiele. In the foreground P/O Jerzy Zbierzchowski plays with Jumby,

the squadron mascot. Northolt, September 1941.

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