Born on 27 September 1918 in Haensbrook in the Netherlands of Polish parents who returned to Poland after WWI. He completed a secondary school in Poznan and decided to join the air force. On 2 January 1938 he entered the Air Force Cadet Officers' School in Deblin. He was commissioned in 1939 (13th promotion). Having reached France and undergone conversion training, he flew in an ad hoc fighter section in defence of Rennes. In Britain he underwent conversion training on new equipment and operational training at No. 56 OTU in Sutton Bridge. On 4 June 1941 he was posted to No. 315 (Polish) Squadron 'Deblin'. On 4 April 1943 he was credited with a Fw 190 destroyed. On 5 April 1943 he became 'A' Flight commander in that squadron. From 15 November 1943 until 9 March 1944 he was an instructor in No. 61 OTU. From 9 March until 15 June he fought as a volunteer in 61st Fighter Squadron 56th Fighter Group USAAF. On 9 April 1944 he was credited with a Me 109 destroyed. From 15 June until 18 August 1944 he served with 84 Group Support Unit 2nd TAF. From 19 August 1944 until 6 April 1945 he commanded No. 315 Squadron. On 21 February 1945 he was credited with a Fw 190 probably destroyed. In April 1946 he graduated from the Polish Air Force Academy. From May until December 1946 he was the last commander of No. 306 (Polish) Squadron 'City of Torun'. He flew 72 combat sorties, 29 operational sorties and was credited with 2 German aircraft confirmed destroyed and 1 probably destroyed. After the war he remained in Britain. He served in RAF. He was active with the Polish Air Force Association in Britain. He died in London on 29 October 2007. He is buried in Warsaw.


  04.04.1943    Ramrod 51   Spitfire IX       PK-O (BS408)    315 dyon            1-0-0 Fw190   (N Rouen)

  09.04.1944                        P-47D                                      61 sqn USAAF     1-0-0 Me109

  21.02.1945    Rodeo416    Mustang III    PK-A (KH481)    315 dyon             0-1-0 Fw190  (N Osnabruck)

S/Ldr Andersz in his Mustang coded PK-H (leter H like his wife name 'Halinka') during fly to Norway.


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