Born on 1916 at Weronika, Poland and joined the Polish Aire Force in the early 1930s. When war broke out in September 1939, he was an instructor at the SPL. After the fall of Poland, Giermer eventually reached France, where he flew in Bourges Chimney Section, being credited with several enemy aircraft damaged. Sergeant Giermer later escsaped to England after the fall of France and joined No 303 Sqn (Polish) Kosciuszko after the Battle of Britain. He achieved several victories in early cross Channel operations. On 15 May 1941 during a Mosquito (Rhubarb) operation Sgt Giermer and F/Lt Jerzy Jankiewicz jointly shot down a Ju 52 which carried Generaloberst Ulrich Grauert  with his staff. Tha aircraft was destroyed, killing everybody on board. In August 1942 he shared a victory during cover operations for the action at Dieppe.He was later posted as an instructor at the OTU and was subsequently promoted to Warrant Officer.


His decorations included

the Silver Cross of Virtuti Militari,

the Cross of Valour and two bars,

the British Distinguished Flying Medal


2 1/2 confirmed destroyed, 1 probably destroyed, 2/3 damaged

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