Born on 10 July 1904 at Wola Osowinska near Lukow in Lublin area. In 1920 he joined the Polish Army as a volunteer during the Polish-Russian war. He graduated from No. 1 Cadet Corps in Lwow and in 1925 he joined the Air Force Officers' School at Grudziadz. He graduated (after the school was renamed the Air Force Cadet Officers' School and moved to Deblin) and was commissioned on 15 August 1928 as a navigator. He was posted to a line flight of the 1st Air Regiment in Warsaw. In the summer of 1929 he completed an elementary flying training course at Deblin, and returned to the 1st Air Regiment. During May-June 1930 he completed an advanced flying course at the 2nd Air Regiment in Cracow. Upon return to the 1st Air Regiment he was posted to the 111th Fighter Flight. On 13 November 1935 he was appointed commander of the 111th Flight. In September 1939 he commanded III/1 Fighter Squadron (111th and 112th Flights) within the Brygada Poscigowa. Shot down in air combat on 3 September, he bailed out with slight burns. Nevertheless he continued to command his squadron until the end of the campaign. On 17 September he crossed the Rumanian bomber with his unit. He reached France on 8 October 1939. He then led the Polish section attached to the GC I/55. Following the collapse of France he was evacuated to Britain, arriving there on 22 June 1940. He received service no. P-1505. In July he was appointed the Polish commander of the new all Polish No. 303 Squadron and he arrived at Northolt on 2 August 1940. On 6 September 1940 he was shot down in an air combat. He bailed out from his Hurricane I P3974 RF-J with serious burns. He underwent long treatment and never returned to operational flying. In July 1941 he was posted (together with Witold Urbanowicz) to the Polish Military Mission in North America. He returned to Britain in March 1943. On 1 April 1943 he was appointed Polish commander at RAF Station Heston. On 14 October 1943 he took command of the newly formed No. 131 (Polish) Airfield 2nd TAF, which he led until 17 February 1944. He was then posted as the Polish Liaison Officer to the HQ Special Operations. From 1 January 1945 he studied at the Polish Air Force Staff College). On 15 October 1945 he was appointed Polish commander at RAF Station Newton, home of No. 16 (Polish) Service Flying Training School. Demobilised, in 1948 he emigrated to South Africa, then in 1951 to Canada. He worked as a radio/TV technician. He died on 3 August 1980 in Toronto.


His decorations included

the Silver Cross Virtuti Militari

the Cross of Valour .



                           03.09.1939               Dyon III/1                   P.11c                         1/3-0-0 Me 110

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